Putting My Best Food Forward: Sharing Veganism Through Enthusiasm on Our Hen House

July 16, 2013

Howdy, all! Happy you liked the rosemary crackers. The last time I contribute a thought for food column to the Our Hen House website, it was about eating disorder recovery, veganism, and the way they intersect in my life (a familiar topic here on CR). This time I’m writing about something less somber, but no […]

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To Eat with Joy: A Guest Post on Recovery and Activism at Our Hen House

January 28, 2013

Evening, friends! I’m delighted that we have so many budding fermentation freaks in the audience Tomorrow, I’ll go through some Q & A that arose from the lacto-fermentation post, and I’ll show you a delicious recipe I recently made with my fermented veggies! But tonight, I want to share a special, recovery-themed post with you.

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Planting the Seed of Veganism Through Blogging: Reflections and Tips for Vegan Bloggers

June 22, 2012

Earlier this week, as I was recapping The Seed event in NYC, I told you guys that I’d circle back to my blogging panel with JL and Yoli Ouiya. I’m usually fairly hesitant to address the business of blogging. Why? Because I’m really not the savviest blogger when it comes to optimizing traffic and generating […]

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When Promoting a Vegan Diet Turns Into Body-Shaming

February 13, 2012

Warning: long post ahead. If you hadn’t yet seen the new billboard ads that PCRM has put up on billboards in Albany, NY, there: now you’ve seen them. My first reaction when I saw these ads was shock at how ugly they are. I don’t mean that the bodies pictured are ugly: I mean that […]

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Peanut Cabbage Roll Ups

January 8, 2012
IMG_9866 (520x347)

Thank you for such a wonderful and warm response to Heather’s Green Recovery story! I thought it was so enthusiastic and inspiring. I’m also glad that it prompted so many thoughtful comments on how important it is to be careful when commenting upon another person’s appearance. I personally try to comment on appearances as little […]

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What Does it Mean to be An Activist?

September 12, 2011

A few weeks ago, in my recaps of Vida Vegan, I mentioned that I’d attended—and would have more to say about—the activism panel, which took place on the last day of the conference. The theme of this panel was to approach activism from a newcomer’s perspective: what does it take to create a successful campaign? […]

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