Let Them Eat Hummus: Six Tips for Homemade Hummus Success

July 12, 2012

Sometimes, it’s the simplest food that proves the most challenging. I say this in recollection of my first few attempts at homemade hummus. The mixes were either far too thin—soupy bowls of blended chickpeas, none to appealing—or they were too thick and coarse, resembling pasty refried beans. Sometimes I used too much garlic, in which […]

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Curried Chickpea Salad Recipe; School Update

May 18, 2012

When I wrote the title of this post, I thought “it’s taken me over three years to post my recipe for curried chickpea salad?!” In spite of the fact that I’ve never shared it, this was one of the first vegan lunch recipes I concocted on my own. I loved it then, I loved it […]

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Creamy Red Pepper, Chickpea, and Tahini Dressing

January 22, 2012

Hey all! Hope your weekends were relaxing, and that you managed to avoid some of the arctic chill we’re seeing here in DC (and, from what I hear, all over the Northeast). Mine was filled with the usual melee of studying, blog work, yoga, gym, and food. Food, of course, was the main highlight! I’ve […]

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Christmas Recap; Chickpea Tart with Roast Potatoes, Sauteed Swiss Chard, Beets, and Cashew Cheese

December 26, 2011
IMG_9622 (520x347)

Merry post-Christmas! I hope you all had joyous and merry holidays, and that you enjoyed some excellent food. Me? Well, let’s just say that I was well fed. I had the pleasure of dining at my dear friend Blanche’s home on Christmas night. The spread, while not intended specifically to be vegan, was one of […]

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Snack Attack: Sundried Tomato Hummus with Flax Crackers

November 28, 2011
IMG_9009 (520x347)

Well, I suppose it’s Monday again. After a nice long weekend of frolicking in NYC, it’s time to get serious again—about finals, about life. I returned from a lengthy Orgo lecture today, feeling just a little glum about getting back-to-business after my Thanksgiving respite. A delicious and energizing snack plate was in order.

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Tofu Tahini Scramble

August 23, 2011
IMG_7249 (510x340) (2)

A few weeks ago, when Valerie and I had dinner at Open City, Val ordered the tofu scramble and pointed out that the restaurant’s addition of tahini to the scramble gives it a distinctly “feta” like flavor. Curious, I took a bite: feta was one of the animal foods I used to enjoy, and I […]

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Ginger Lime Edamame Hummus

July 18, 2011
IMG_6908 (550x367)

One of my favorite early summer recipes this year took the form of my scrumptious (and simple) ginger-lime edamame sweet potato burgers. Sure, the name is a mouthful, but the burgers themselves were/are really easy to make, and they’re bursting with flavor.

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