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#VVC2013 Part Two: Writing Workshop and Dinner at Portobello

May 31, 2013
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When I left off my #VVC2013 posts, I was going to bed early after a fun filled Thursday that was nonetheless shadowed by a nasty ear infection. On Friday morning, I woke up refreshed and on the mend, which was perfect timing for me to lead my morning writing workshop. The title of this workshop […]

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#VVC2013: Meet & Greet. And Eat

May 27, 2013

Imagine this: you have a bunch of friends who live all around the country. You know their hobbies, their partners’ names, where they grew up, where they hang out, what they do, and even what they ate for dinner today. But the funny thing is, you rarely ever see them, and it’s totally possible that […]

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A Perfect Raw, Vegan Dinner at Pure Food and Wine

April 28, 2013
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Hello, friends. I hope you had happy weekends, and I’m grateful for your kind responses to Sharon’s story on Friday. As you may have seen on Instagram or via Twitter, I’m home in New York, here to enjoy some time with my mom and catch up with friends. On Friday night, I had a chance […]

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Khepra’s Raw, D.C.

February 9, 2013

On Wednesday, my friend V—the lady behind the awesomeness that is Gouter, D.C.’s own raw tonic and treat company, which I reviewed here—took me to Khepra’s Raw for a lunch/study break. I was grateful; I’ve been putting in a lot of monotonous study hours lately, and even my student lunchboxes aren’t doing much to liven […]

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The Butcher’s Daughter, NYC

January 5, 2013

Two weeks ago, my friend Jim and I met for lunch at a new, mostly vegan dining outpost called (cheekily) The Butcher’s Daughter in Nolita. I’d heard some great things about The Butcher’s Daughter from friends, and I’m pleased to say that the hype was legit. The menu features cold pressed juices, raw food specialties, […]

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Recently Remarkable Raw Eats

December 20, 2012

Thanks for the comments on yesterday’s post, friends. It’s a good dialog to be having, so keep your thoughts coming! Whenever I come home, I tell myself I’ll be disciplined about not eating out too often. I’ve realized that this goal is nearly impossible—for one thing, being home means seeing friends, and since my mom […]

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Catch a Healthy Habit Café, Fairfield, CT

December 18, 2012

Today, I hopped on the train to Fairfield, CT, so that I could pay a morning visit to Hannah Kaminsky. Hannah’s blog, Bittersweet, is a treasure trove of meticulous, gorgeous recipes, elegant and heartfelt writing, and some of the most beautiful photos you’ll see online. In addition to being the author of Bittersweet, Hannah is […]

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