Berry Hemp Spelt Muffins

April 24, 2014
vegan berry hemp spelt muffins

It’s been a while–a good long while–since I undertook any serious baking. This past weekend, I was moved to try my hand at muffins, thanks to some fresh spelt flour from One Degree Organic Foods. One Degree was one of the companies I was most excited to get to know this past year at Expo […]

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Hemp Hummus, Pickled Beet, and Collard Green Wrap; Our Hen House Advisory Board Announcement

January 29, 2013

On Sunday, I gave you all a quick, easy, and stress-free method to create lacto-fermented vegetables at home. I’m so glad that so many of you were excited about the post! Looks like I’ll have to be sharing more fermentation recipes from now on, huh? I want to clear up a few excellent questions that […]

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Kale-Slaw: Dinosaur Kale and Cabbage Slaw with Creamy Cashew Hemp Dressing

January 7, 2013

Look up “slaw” in Merriam-Webster, and you’ll be redirected to the entry for “coleslaw.” The definition for that word is, “a salad made of raw sliced or chopped cabbage.” Though most coleslaw does involve raw cabbage, I like to think of “slaw” any salad of shredded veggies—usually with at least one crucifer involved. I adore […]

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Easy, Healthy Entrée: Brown Rice, Sweet Potato, and Puy Lentils with Hemp Seeds & Vinaigrette

August 1, 2012
Brown Rice, Sweet Potato, and Lentils with Hemp Seeds

As you have probably noted, one of my favorite things about being in DC this year is having proximity to my friend Anne. I adore our dinners and chats for so many reasons: first, because we share so many interests (how many food bloggers do I know who also used to be editors?), second, because […]

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Hempseed Pancakes, Vegan and Gluten Free!

July 8, 2012
Gluten free hemp pancakes

When I started my blog, I feared—like nearly all new food bloggers—that it was only a matter of time before I ran out of material. How many smoothies could I possibly post? How many salads? How many vegan pancakes? A lot, as it turns out. If blogging has taught me anything, it’s that there seems […]

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Lemon Herb Quinoa with Hemp Seeds, Spring Peas, and Basil

June 28, 2012
lemon quinoa peas basil

Greetings, all! Glad you enjoyed my little almond hemp cookies. For those of you who asked, I used white, shelled hemp seeds (not the green ones that a reader referred to). Right now, my brands of choice are Nutiva, Manitoba Harvest, and Navitas Naturals; very soon, I’ll be doing a review of Mum’s Original, which […]

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Omega Rich Broccoli Hemp Slaw with Tangy Mustard Dressing

June 11, 2012

One of the biggest fears that most people encounter as they adopt a new way of eating (be it veganism or something else) is that their family members will be unsupportive, derogatory, or outwardly critical. Though I eat very differently from the rest of my family, I’ve also been blessed overall with their respect, understanding, […]

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