Avocado and Berry Smoothie: Banana-less Smoothie, Take 1

March 13, 2012

I’ve spent a lot of time making, enjoying, and posting recipes for smoothies in the four years I have been writing CR. Smoothies are everyday currency in the raw and vegan communities, and green smoothies have more value than most. They can be simple or complex, filling meals or light snacks, savory or sweet, icy […]

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Peaches n’ Green Smoothie and 10 Post-Thanksgiving Breakfast Ideas

November 24, 2011

Happy Thanksgiving, to all of my US readers!! I hope you are having lovely holidays thus far. Thank you to everyone who commented on my two versions of vegan stuffing; the leftovers of both batches are safely tucked into my freezer, and I can’t wait to devour them next week. Since last night was my […]

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Home Sweet Home: Raw Goddess Bowl with Kelp Noodles, Smoky Avocado Dressing, and Hemp

September 1, 2011
IMG_7515 (520x347)

I’m almost sad not to have a Vida Vegan Con recap for today! If you missed any of my dispatches from the weekend, you can check them out here: Day One: Champagne reception and VegNews dinner at Portobello Day Two: Panels and Galarama Day Three: Panels, closing remarks, dinner with friends, and breakfast at Black […]

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Choosing Raw Video Debut! Episode 1 of the Kathy and Gena Show: Easy Vegan Summer Recipes

July 8, 2011

Last week, I told you all about my lovely friendship with Kathy, who is one of the most enterprising and talented vegan chefs I know. I also alluded to a special project that Kathy and I were cooking up, which I’m ready to unveil today: The Kathy and Gena show! Yes, that’s right: I’m banishing […]

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Zucchini Hemp Hummus Wraps

July 5, 2011
IMG_6785 (525x350)

Thanks as ever for some kind responses to yesterday’s post! Things are looking up, and I have some new food photos to show you. I also have a newfound appreciation of electricity. One of my favorite recipes of this past year is my hemp hummus, which is a perfect answer to the age old question […]

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Raw, Vegan Cheater’s Granola

June 24, 2011
IMG_6655 (525x350)

It’s Friday! Phew—this week felt pretty long, and in spite of that I keep having to remind myself that my more intensive coursework hasn’t even begun yet. I wonder what Juy will be like? For the last few weeks, you’ve all patiently listened to me speculate on how I can find a breakfast option that’s […]

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Very Berry Chia Hemp Pudding

June 19, 2011
IMG_6634 (525x350)

Hey all! Hope you had nice weekends. I’m catching up on some labs and pre-labs, some blog comments and questions and emails, and also prepping a Mexican-themed salad dressing for tonight’s dinner. I wanted to pop in quickly, though, to share my new favorite chia pudding, which is very berry chia hemp pudding: a simple […]

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