Giving Thanks for Candle 79: A Holiday Dinner

November 23, 2012

Hi all! Happy post-Thanksgiving, and thanks for the kind comments yesterday. I hope you all had the most wonderful of holidays, and that you are currently feasting upon all manner of delectable leftover. My dinner included some leftovers from last night’s epic meal at Candle 79, which I am now so delighted to share with […]

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Salads Beyond Salads

August 16, 2012
photo 1 (2)

If someone were to ask me that most famous of foodie pop quiz questions—what would you eat for your last meal?—the answer would be ridiculously easy. A big, nutrient dense salad. I love salad. I love salad so much, it’s embarrassing. I don’t mean tiny, gourmet, appetizer sized plates of mesclun greens, a carefully prepared […]

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#Blogher12: Health Minder Day

August 3, 2012

Greetings, all! Thanks for welcoming Marlena to the blog yesterday. I always find reading Green Recovery comments to be fascinating, and that conversation was no exception. As I write this post, I’m on the way back from Blogher 12 in NYC, which is still in full swing, but I had to come back to stay […]

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Tuesday Giveaway Madness! Tickets to The Seed Vegan Experience in NYC; Plus, a Quick Note About Ads

May 29, 2012

First things first: I was having a couple of tech issues with the blog in the last few days, so if your browser has been showing you sesame seed cookies for 5 days straight, go ahead and scroll back through the last few (tasty) posts! Things should be up to date now. Today is a […]

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Bloggers Meet at Blossom on Carmine

May 27, 2012

I woke up this morning with a big smile on my face. Why? Because I got to share a meal last night with two of the most inspiring, uplifting, intelligent, and ambitious vegan bloggers, culinary masterminds, and activists I know. Before I get to them, let me tell you a bit about our dining spot: […]

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Restaurant Review: Candle Café West!

April 16, 2012

You may have recently seen a tweet or Facebook post from me that looked something like this: “OMG!!!!!!!!!!! Candle Café is opening an UWS location!!!!! OMFG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!” Sorry folks. It was hard to contain myself; you see, as you all know, the Candle empire is just about my favorite place to eat in NYC. Candle Café, […]

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Silly for Sprouts! Sprout Salad with Smoky Guacamole, Revisited; Going Sprout-Wild at the Union Square Farmer’s Market

April 7, 2012
IMG_0219 (525x350)

On Friday morning, I rose early for my standard NYC yoga class: “sun celebrations” at Laughing Lotus. This class starts at the perfect time (7:30 am), is the perfect length (1 hr and 15 min), and is the perfect balance of powerful and elegant. Plus, Justin is just really awesome at Shavasana assist. When I […]

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