Curried Red Lentil and Butternut Squash Soup with Kale and Toasted Chickpeas

February 5, 2014
curried red lentil and butternut squash soup header

I’m back! Thanks for bearing with my absence, folks. I needed some time to get over the flu and give myself a bit of TLC. As you might imagine, I’ve been doing only scant cooking in the last week or so, but as soon as the worst of it was over, I did set about […]

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Roasted Rutabaga and Parsnip Soup with Kale and Coconut Bacon

November 7, 2013

This soup (which is also featured today on Food52 as part of my Vegan Lunch series) is an embodiment of everything I love about fall (from a culinary standpoint, that is–I also love cold weather, the leaves changing, and the crisp, energizing air!). It’s warming, grounding, and it features root vegetables that have been roasted […]

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The New Veganism: Chilled Cucumber and Avocado Soup with Mango Salsa

August 22, 2013

Photos courtesy of James Ransom for Food52. If you’re not busy blending up dreamy glasses of frozen watermelon and mint today (and who could blame you if you were), then feast your eyes on a bowl of chilled cucumber and avocado soup with fresh, sweet mango salsa. In today’s New Veganism column for Food52, I’m […]

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The Many Faces of Cashew Cream: A Vegan Cook’s Secret Weapon!

February 7, 2013
cashew cream

All photos courtesy of Food52 One of the early challenges of adapting to vegan cooking at home is to find a way to replace full fat dairy. It is what lends the creamy texture and richness to so many popular soups (cream of corn, vichyssoise, bisques of all kinds) and to numerous desserts. If you’ve […]

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Easy Curried Yellow Lentils with Avocado “Croutons”

December 6, 2012
curried yellow lentils

It might have been a little odd to post this recipe two days ago, when it was about sixty degrees here in D.C., but now that it’s a chilly morning again, it feels just about right. This is a super easy recipe for curried lentils—the kind of dish you can throw together in minutes on […]

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Acorn Squash Bisque with Roasted Sacha Inchi Seeds

October 10, 2012
vegan acorn squash bisque with sacha inchi seeds

Sacha inchi may be my favorite foodie find of the year. Plukenetia volubilis, which also goes by the name of “mountain peanuts” or “Incan peanuts,” and is native to the Amazon rainforest. Sacha inchi seeds are good sources of protein, but their main nutritional claim to fame is the fact that they are one of […]

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Spring White Bean and Vegetable Stew “Pistou”

May 17, 2012

You may recall my recent post singing the praises of SweetGreen, which is one of my favorite vegan-friendly eateries in DC. Though SweetGreen is associated with salad, the restaurant chain offers far more than greens alone; it also serves warm grain bowls, wraps, and fresh soups, which are nearly always vegan and gluten free. Recently, […]

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