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No Bake Savory Sweet Snack Bars with Chia Seeds, Almonds, and Rice

March 26, 2013
no bake savory sweet bars vegan

No one wants to rely on snack bars when there is a world of delicious, fresh, and homemade food out there, but sometimes life gets busy, and snack bars can be a godsend for eating on the go. I go through a lot of snack bars when I’m studying and traveling. I appreciate their convenience […]

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Thrive Forward with 10 Vegan, Satisfying, Low Prep Mini-Meals

March 24, 2013

This year, I’ve been way behind the curve on nearly everything that has happened in the healthy eating blogosphere. I just found out about cauliflower crust. I’ve never made a cake pop (and let’s be honest, I probably never will). I recently wrote a post about an article that’s half a year old. Controversies come […]

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Raw, Vegan Barbeque Zucchini Chips

February 24, 2013
raw vegan bbq zucchini chips

Last week, I reviewed the Queer Vegan Cookbook, a project curated by Sarah Brown of the Queer Vegan Food blog. The idea was to feature recipes that combine unusual flavors or ingredients in a delicious, healthful way. One of the recipes that caught my eye was Sarah’s own recipe for raw, vegan barbeque zucchini chips. […]

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Hurry Up Vegan: Confetti Quinoa and Chickpea Lettuce Wraps

February 6, 2013
chickpea quinoa lettuce wraps

Since posting my bell peppers stuffed with “confetti guacamole” last week, I suppose I’ve been enjoying the idea of “confetti” anything: confetti salad, confetti rice, confetti kelp noodles. It sounds a lot more jolly than “rice with mixed vegetables,” doesn’t it? Yesterday, as I was whipping up lunch in a hurry (I’d studied longer than […]

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Packed Lunch: The Care Package Edition

December 12, 2012

A few days ago, I wrote about the necessity of friendship, even in busy times. I didn’t expect the post to strike such a chord, but it did, in part because I think many of my readers know what it feels like to push away loved ones out of anxiety, self-loathing, or stress. As I […]

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Raisin Almond Balls with Blackstrap Molasses: High Raw, Vegan Snacking with an Iron Boost

December 11, 2012
raw snack balls

I’ll have you know that I came really close to titling this post “goodness, gracious, great balls of iron!” But I stopped myself. It would have been the cheesiest title since “green eggs and hmmmm.” 2012 was the year of student snacking over here at CR. There were kale chips, energy balls, zucchini sticks, caramelized […]

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Easy Curried Yellow Lentils with Avocado “Croutons”

December 6, 2012
curried yellow lentils

It might have been a little odd to post this recipe two days ago, when it was about sixty degrees here in D.C., but now that it’s a chilly morning again, it feels just about right. This is a super easy recipe for curried lentils—the kind of dish you can throw together in minutes on […]

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