The New Veganism: Black Bean and Corn Veggie Burgers

September 5, 2013

All photos by James Ransom for Food52. In spite of the fact that DC is still nice and warm, the air is drying out, and you can almost smell a whiff of autumn in the breeze. Fall is my favorite season by far, so I always look forward to this transition, even if a small […]

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Red Quinoa, Almond and Arugula Salad with Cantaloupe

August 26, 2013

Good morning and happy Monday! I hope everyone had a nice and restorative weekend. I hope everyone feels jazzed up about green soup, and all of the wonderful variations that can emerge from it. Last week, I found myself with an abundance of melon. Not only watermelon, which was teeming in my fridge and my […]

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The New Veganism: Chilled Cucumber and Avocado Soup with Mango Salsa

August 22, 2013

Photos courtesy of James Ransom for Food52. If you’re not busy blending up dreamy glasses of frozen watermelon and mint today (and who could blame you if you were), then feast your eyes on a bowl of chilled cucumber and avocado soup with fresh, sweet mango salsa. In today’s New Veganism column for Food52, I’m […]

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Watermelon, Mint, and Lime Frosty

August 21, 2013

Having just spent a few days in cool temperatures (summer in San Francisco is always a surprise to this East Coaster!), I’ve returned to find DC as hot and as humid as ever. While I’m glad that September is just around the corner, I can’t say that I mind the excuse to enjoy a few […]

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Millet Pesto Summer Salad

August 12, 2013

Happy Monday, all! I hope you had lovely weekends. I’m passing through NYC on my way to the west coast for a few nights; my mom and I are taking a girls’ trip to San Francisco. It’s a place that has special meaning to my mom, and I had a wonderful time there on my last […]

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The New Veganism: Strawberry Vanilla Coconut Ice Cream

August 8, 2013

All photos courtesy of James Ransom for Food52. If you haven’t been blending up your berries into homemade fruit leather, I have another idea for you: creamy and decadent strawberry vanilla coconut ice cream. That’s right. In today’s New Veganism column at Food52, I’m sharing one of the first “grown up” ice cream recipes I’ve […]

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Easy Brown Rice Summer Rolls with Almond Sesame Dressing

August 5, 2013

Well, well, well. This was quite the weekend of tech drama. A few of you may have noticed that my blog was down for most of Friday, stuck on an outdated post for most of Saturday, and spotty yesterday. I’ve recently switched servers because my blog wasn’t loading for a lot of my readers (sorry, […]

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