Easy, Homemade Coconut Milk Yogurt

March 27, 2014
homamde coconut milk yogurt close up 2

This coconut milk yogurt should really be called “cheater’s” coconut milk yogurt,” or something like that. You see, homemade yogurt is supposed to involve fermentation, or kefir grains, or a yogurt maker, or any number of proper and time-honored yogurt-making techniques. I used none of the above. This yogurt is what you should make when […]

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Raw, Vegan Vanilla Coconut Yogurt (Made with Young Coconut Meat)

September 18, 2013
photo 3

The last time I made coconut yogurt, I fermented it with probiotic powder. The process was easy enough, but it involved leaving the yogurt underneath my radiator for at least 24 hours, then skimming off the “skin” that formed on top.  Hardly a savory procedure! Today, I’m sharing a shortcut version of coconut yogurt. It’s not […]

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Homemade Coconut Yogurt

February 27, 2010

Hey everyone. Thanks, first off, for your amaaazing response to my last post. I’m happy that so many of you were able to affirm your love of food. Thank you!!! As you can imagine, I’m frequently asked if there are any non-vegan foods that I miss. For the most part, I’m hard pressed to think […]

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Greek Yogurt: Raw Vegan Style

September 7, 2009

Happy Labor Day! I hope you’ve had a good long weekend and have enjoyed the same kind of lovely weather I saw upstate. In honor of my last post, I’m featuring yet another one of my “client request” recipes. (In case you missed the last one, these are recipes that I’ve concocted at the behest […]

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